Root Canal Treatment & Extractions

Root Canal Treatment

When the inner nerve of a tooth becomes infected or traumatized by trauma or tooth decay, it begins to die. This process can be painful or can proceed undetected, with little to no pain at all. Regardless, once the nerve has died, it becomes necrotic, and the tooth harbors bacteria that cause a chronic infection that cannot be remedied by antibiotics alone.

Root canals themselves have a negative reputation. However, root canal procedures are typically not painful, can be performed relatively quickly, and actually make a tooth feel MUCH better once completed.

A tooth may need a root canal if:

If you are having pain, or any of the symptoms listed above, Dr. Foster is available to see you, as emergencies are seen the same day. Please call the office, and if it after business hours, you will be directed to her cell phone.

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When a tooth has been infected or damaged beyond the ability for it to be restored or fixed, it has to be extracted or “pulled.” Dr. Foster has extensive training and experience in extracting teeth, even impacted wisdom teeth. Those most teeth are removed easily and quickly with just a local anesthetic, we offer nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) or oral sedatives for those who prefer more comfort for their surgery.

Before your surgery, Dr. Foster will go over treatment options to replace any teeth that need to be removed. With proper preparation, patients can many times have their teeth removed and alternatives replaced the same day.

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