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Comprehensive Exams

Every new and established patient receives a thorough exam during routine cleaning appointments. A comprehensive exam includes the following:

  1. Oral Cancer Screening: We perform and intraoral and extraoral inspections by palpating and visualizing your tissues through magnification loupes. If tissue abnormalities are detected, or you have high risk factors, additional tests may be performed or a referral to a specialist may be recommended.
  2. Periodontal (Gum) Disease evaluation: Your foundation of your teeth is your supporting bone and gums. We utilize gum measurements and x-rays to determine if you have gum disease. Periodontal therapy will be discussed to get your mouth healthy again.
  3. Check for tooth decay: All of your teeth will be checked for cavities, cracks, broken or leaking fillings, and any other conditions that may compromise their function.
  4. Assessment of the TMJ: Dr. Foster will feel your jaw joints for any popping or clicking, limitations in opening, or any other issues that may require attention.
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Dental Cleanings

Most patients benefit from having their teeth cleaned every 6 months. Some patients need to come more frequently. Your dental cleaning will be performed by Dr. Foster.

Routine dental cleanings include:

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At Foster Family Dental, we take every precaution to reduce radiation to a level that is as low as reasonable acceptable. Using double-leaded protective vests with circumferential thyroid collars and digital x-ray sensors, we have drastically reduced patients exposure to radiation in comparison to years past.

Dental x-rays in and of themselves are not a significant source of radiation. In fact, enjoying an hour of beautiful Colorado sunshine exposes you to more radiation than your check-up radiographs. Dental professionals can only see 60% of your tooth structure and 0% of the supporting bone without x-rays. The dental and periodontal problems associated with NOT getting recommended x-rays are far more risky than the negligible amount of radiation to which you are exposed.

If you are at minimal risk to dental decay and gum disease, Dr. Foster is happy to recommend an extended x-ray schedule as an alternative to the annual schedule recommended by the American Dental Association.

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Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that prevents tooth decay by making the outer surface of your teeth (enamel) more resistant to the acid attacks that cause tooth decay. Both children and adults benefit from fluoride. Dr. Foster recommends all patients use a fluoridated toothpaste or mouthrinse as an added step in preventing decay. Also, we offer fluoride varnish applications for those who are at a higher risk of decay.

Dr. Foster is sensitive and respectful of patients’ desires to eliminate fluoride in their lifestyle. She provides fluoride-free prophy paste during cleanings and natural products are available for purchase for those who desire alternative products.

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A sealant is a thin, plastic coasting that flows into the grooves and pits in molar teeth, preventing future cavities. Sealants can last many years, and are an excellent method to prevent decay, especially for children and teens and those who have deep grooves in their teeth. Sealants do no require you to be numb to have them placed, do not require a drill, and you can chew and eat on them as soon as your appointment is complete.

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